Edinburgh AirportEdinburgh Airport is Scotland's most important airport.
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Royal MileThe Royal Mile runs from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
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Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh Castle stands high on the Castle Rock, overlooking all the city and is the most popular attraction in Edinburgh.
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Palace of HolyroodhouseThe Palace of Holyroodhouse has been the Queen’s official residence in Scotland since the 16th century and up to this day.
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Scottish ParliamentThe new Scottish Parliament building represents the recovery of the legislative power by the Scots after three centuries of merge with the rest of the UK.
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Scott MonumentA Gothic style monument built to commemorate the Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott.
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Royal Yacht BritanniaThe Queen and the Royal Family’s vessel for over 44 years, the Royal Yacht Britannia has become one of the most famous yachts in the world.
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Georgian HouseLocated in the heart of the New Town, the Georgian House portrays the lifestyle of the wealthiest citizens of Edinburgh during the eighteenth century.
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Camera ObscuraHolograms, optic illusions, concave mirrors, visual effects and a curious periscope from which visitors can see the city.
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Greyfriars BobbyGreyfriars Bobby is Scotland’s most loyal dog.
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Dean VillageThe Dean Village is a pleasant village located on the Water of Leith.
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Gladstone’s LandGladstone’s Land is a seventeenth century house belonging to a wealthy merchant, offering a vision of how life was 400 years ago in the Old Town.
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The Real Mary King’s CloseThe Real Mary King’s Close is one of Edinburgh’s oldest and most famous closes.
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Scotch Whisky ExperienceThe Scotch Whisky Experience shows its visitors the making process of whisky and tutoring sessions of the various types of whisky available.
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National Museum of ScotlandThe collections of the National Museum of Scotland reveal Scotland’s culture and history up to the present day.
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Museum of EdinburghAt the Museum of Edinburgh visitors will discover the history of the city of Edinburgh from the earliest period to the present day.
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Scottish National GalleryThe Scottish National Gallery features several collections of fine art from the beginning of the Renaissance to the Post-Impressionism.
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Museum of ChildhoodToys, playthings, doll houses and games from several periods make the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh a unique experience.
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The People’s Story MuseumThe People’s Story Museum explores the day to day of Edinburgh’s citizens from the eighteenth century to the present day.
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Museum on the MoundHoused in the head office of the Bank of Scotland, the Museum on the Mound explores the history of money, economics and the bank of Scotland.
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National War MuseumThe National War Museum of Scotland explores 400 years of military actions and the country at war.
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Scottish National Gallery of Modern ArtThe Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh features modern and contemporary art work.
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Scottish National Portrait GalleryThe Scottish National Portrait Gallery explores the history of Scotland through the portraits of the most famous people of the country.
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The Writers’ MuseumThe Writers' Museum in Edinburgh commemorates the life and work of three of the most important and renowned Scottish writers.
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Surgeons' Hall MuseumsSurgeons’ Hall Museums explores the history of medicine and the development of surgery and dentistry throughout the centuries.
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Our Dynamic EarthOur Dynamic Earth offers its visitors the chance to take a journey through time (over 4.
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St Giles’ CathedralSt Giles’ Cathedral was built on an old sanctuary dating from the ninth century and was dedicated to Saint Giles, the patron saint of the lepers.
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Calton HillLocated on the east part of the New Town, at the end of Princes Street, Calton Hill offers stunning panoramic views of Edinburgh.
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Princes Street GardensPrinces Street Gardens is the most important public park in the heart of Edinburgh.
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Royal Botanic GardenThe Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is made up of over 70 acres of grounds and it is presently one of the most visited attractions in the city.
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Holyrood ParkHolyrood Park is the largest green space in Edinburgh with 650 acres.
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Water of LeithWater of Leith Walkway is a 15 km footpath that runs besides the Water of Leith, the most important river of Edinburgh.
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