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Museums in Edinburgh

Despite the fact that Edinburgh is most famous for its history and ghosts, culturally, the city has numerous fascinating museums and art galleries. A plus is that most museums and galleries are free to visit. 

These are Edinburgh’s most important museums:

The best three museums

  • Museo Nacional de Escocia The collections of the National Museum of Scotland reveal the country’s culture and history from prehistoric times to the present day. It is Edinburgh’s most visited museum.
  • Museo de Edimburgo At the Museum of Edinburgh visitors will discover the history of the city of Edinburgh from the earliest period to the present day. The museum is situated in a beautiful sixteenth century townhouse.
  • Galería Nacional de Escocia Located in a neoclassical building in the heart of Edinburgh, the Scottish National Gallery features several collections of fine art from the Renaissance to the Post-Impressionism.

Three surprising museums

  • Museo de la Infancia de Edimburgo Toys, playthings, doll houses and games from several periods make the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh a unique experience.
  • People´s Story Museum The People’s Story Museum explores the day to day of Edinburgh’s citizens from the eighteenth century to the present day. Similar to the Museum of Childhood, the People’s Story Museum is very descriptive.  
  • Museum on the Mound Housed in the former Bank of Scotland, one of the most representative buildings in Edinburgh, the Museum on the Mound explores the history of money, economics and the bank of Scotland.

Other interesting museums

  • Museo Nacional de la Guerra de Escocia Weapons, shields, traditional clothing and letters…The National War Museum of Scotland explores 400 years of military actions and the country at war.
  • Galería Nacional Escocesa de Arte Moderno The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh features the national collection of modern and contemporary art work. The museum includes paintings by Matisse, Picasso and Andy Warhol.
  • Galería Nacional Escocesa de Retratos The Scottish National Portrait Gallery explores the history of Scotland through the portraits of the most famous people of the country throughout the periods.
  • Museo de los Escritores Situated in a historic building, the Writers' Museum in Edinburgh commemorates the life and work of three of the most important and renowned Scottish writers.

Other Edinburgh museums

  • Surgeons' Hall Museums Surgeons’ Hall Museums explores the history of medicine and the development of surgery and dentistry throughout the centuries. A museum which is very representative of Edinburgh.
  • Our Dynamic Earth Our Dynamic Earth can also be defined as the Planet Earth Museum. It offers its visitors the chance to take a journey through time (over 4.500 million years ago) to discover all the aspects of the Earth.