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Edinburgh Parks and Gardens

It is as important to visit Edinburgh’s parks, gardens and green spaces as it is to visit the city’s museums and monuments. By exploring these open spaces, visitors will get the chance to see how the locals enjoy their free time and you’ll be able to rest a bit before discovering another attraction or museum.

Best parks and gardens

  • Calton Hill Calton Hill is a hill to the east of the New Town. There are various important monuments on its summit. These offer the best views of Edinburgh.
  • Princes Street Gardens The Princes Street Gardens are one of the most popular gardens in Edinburgh. The park was created in 1820 after draining Nor Loch and it separate the Old Town from the New Town.
  • Real Jardín Botánico de Edimburgo Designed in 1670 by two doctors that grew medicinal herbs, the Royal Botanic Garden has become one of the top visits. It is made up of various sections, and each is dedicated to a type of plant.​
  • Holyrood Park Holyrood Park is the largest green space in Edinburgh with 650 acres. The park houses hills, lochs, cliffs, plains and Arthur's Seat. 
  • Water of Leith Water of Leith Walkway is a 15 km footpath that runs beside the Water of Leith, Edinburgh's most important river. It's an extremely enjoyable wild footpath, perfect to get away from the city centre.