Edinburgh Trams

Edinburgh Trams

The Edinburgh tram was inaugurated, following several years of delays, in mid-2014. It has fifteen stations, which connect the airport with the new part of the city.

Edinburgh trams opened, after delays, in May 2014. It has one route and 15 stops that link the airport with the new parts of the city.


Edinburgh tram has one route that connects York Place with Edinburgh Airport. The route has 15 stops, all of them are wheelchair accessible.

The Edinburgh tram is not very useful for tourists except to go to and from the airport. The best way to get around the centre is by foot or by bus. It takes 35 minutes to get to Princes Street (the closest stop to the city centre) from Edinburgh Airport.  

You can see the route map by clicking here.


From York Place, trams run from 5:29 am until 11:08 pmThe first tram leaves from the airport at 6:15 am and the last one leaves at 10:45 pm. Trams operate every 8 – 10 minutes from Monday to Saturday and every 12 – 15 minutes on Sunday.  


The prices vary depending on the zone and the type of ticket you choose:

Getting around the city

  • Single ticket (adult): £ 1.80 (US$ 2.20)
  • Single ticket (children aged 5-15): £ 0.90 (US$ 1.10)
  • Return ticket (adult): £ 3.40 (US$ 4.20)
  • Return ticket (children aged 5-15): £ 1.80 (US$ 2.20)
  • Day ticket (adults): £ 4.50 (US$ 5.60)
  • Day ticket (children aged 5-15): £ 2.20 (US$ 2.70)

Getting to/from the airport

  • Single airport ticket (adults): £ 6.50 (US$ 8.10)
  • Single airport ticket (children aged 5-15): £ 3.30 (US$ 4.10)
  • Return airport ticket (adults): £ 9 (US$ 11.20)
  • Return airport ticket (children aged 5-15): £ 4.50 (US$ 5.60)
    Day airport ticket (adults): £ 10 (US$ 12.40)
  • Day airport ticket (children aged 5-15): £ 5 (US$ 6.20)

Family day ticket

The family DAYticket is valid for one day and allows up to 2 adults and up to 3 children to travel on the same ticket. This day travel card gives families unlimited access to the Edinburgh tram lines, except to and from the airport. It also includes unlimited travel on the Lothian buses. The price is £ 9.50 (US$ 11.80).

Where to purchase the ticket?

The tickets are purchased at the tram vending machines located at each tram stop. You will have to have the exact change or use a debit or credit card since the vending machines don’t give any change. Once you have bought your ticket you will need to validate it on the tram or Lothian bus (within 30 minutes of purchase).

Don’t forget to buy your ticket before you get on the tram, otherwise you will have to pay a £ 10 (US$ 12.40) on-board fare.